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    Shandong Hummingbird New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Hummingbird New Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hummingbird New Materials") was established in 1996. It is a subsidiary of Shandong Yuanfang New Building Materials Group. It is the unit of China Aerated Concrete Association and the management of China's building materials enterprises. The vice-chairman unit of the association's brand building branch. Not only is the company with the longest history of aerated concrete building materials production in China, it is also the first domestic enterprise to produce ALC panels using a professional panel production line, the first domestic enterprise to promote the application of ALC panels in civil buildings, and it is also a hundred well-known housing companies and The designated brand of logistics real estate, the only designated brand of China Nuclear Power, and the national collective mining unit of Vanke Group.

    The company has long invested in the development and application of aerated concrete products. Its leading products include high-quality ALC panels, AAC blocks and high-precision, high-stability PC molds, Steel-structure buildings, Prefabricated constrution, as well as building integration, integration services and overall solution services in the construction industry. Wait. The company's system solves the industry problem that ALC sheet is easy to crack in the application of residential interior partition walls. It is the first to open the ALC sheet market for residential buildings and fill the gap in the domestic ALC sheet market.

    Hummingbird New Materials Shandong production base can produce 600000 cubic meters of aerated concrete slabs, 400000 cubic meters of aerated concrete blocks, and 15,000 tons of high-precision PC (precast concrete) mold forms. For a long time, the company has not forgotten its original intention, adhered to product quality, strictly followed the aerated concrete production process requirements, adopted the industry's most advanced process technology and product formulas, adhered to the use of the highest quality raw materials, and provided our customers with the highest quality products and services.

    In recent years, the company has won a series of honors and qualifications such as "China Wall Building Material Quality Credit Model Enterprise", and the Hummingbird brand has gradually become synonymous with high-quality products in the industry, especially ALC sheet products. The company has become an industry chain. Leaders and super "experts" in the industry.

    The company has carried out strategic cooperation with nearly a hundred domestic enterprises, including well-known real estate developers such as Vanke, Country Garden, Evergrande, Agile, Longhu, large logistics real estate developers such as Cainiao, ProLogis, Suning Yunshang, Broad Living, China Minzhu You, Baoye, Zhongtian and other well-known prefabricated construction companies, as well as giants in the steel structure industry such as Hangxiao, Southeast, and Seiko. At the same time, the company's products are also exported to Australia, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries. It is widely used in various types of residential, commercial, industrial and other buildings, and has been widely praised by foreign users.

    Currently, Hummingbird New Materials is intensively deploying advanced ALC board production lines in various places with a global perspective. It plans to lay out 50 ALC board production lines within five years, and is committed to becoming the leader and integration of the world's most influential and competitive green building system. Service provider. At present, several projects such as Hubei and Guangdong bases of Hummingbird New Materials have begun construction.

    • 600000m3

      Aerated Concrete Slabs

    • 400000m3

      Aerated Concrete Blocks

    • 15,000t

      High-precision PC

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    Let prefabricated construction build the world, let the world love Chinese construction

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      Sincerity casts glory (with perfect persistence and sincere attitude, casts glorious life and brilliant career)

    • Corporate vision:

      To build Shandong famous brand and constantly create new glory

    • Corporate Strategy:

      Solid foundation, moderate diversity, integrated development

    • Our Mission:

      Let customers create the greatest value, build a stage for employees to realize their dreams, and provide development momentum for the society

    Corporate purposes:

    Conducive to harmonious social development, effective environmental protection, and good life

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