Technical and Service
  • Technical system of building industrialization

    Technical architecture

    Steel structure + PC + ALC multilayer prefabricated house features

    Uniform materials, less variety specifications, convenient for design, production, transportation, installation and management, which can effectively shorten the construction period
    Light weight, save foundation cost, earthquake resistance
    Can be dismantled, high reuse rate after dismantling, environmental protection, meet the requirements of sustainable cycle development
    Change from site work to factory production → Change from wet work to dry work → Change from high-altitude work to ground work → Reduce on-site personnel requirements and fast construction

    Core business and development direction

    Provides: new building materials featuring integrated energy-saving, environmental protection, and circular economy, building industry housing integration, integrated services, and overall solutions Determined to contribute to the development of China's new construction industry basis

  • Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks

    Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks

    The technical performance and quality standard of Hummingbird block meet the requirements of the national autoclaved aerated concrete block GB11968-2006 standard. It is suitable for civil and industrial buildings in areas with seismic fortification intensity less than 7 degrees, which are made of non bearing wall materials by dry thin layer masonry technology; it is suitable for heat preservation and energy saving buildings, which are widely used in residential buildings, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools and other civil, public and industrial buildings.

    Product features:

    High strength, small density, light weight, easy to handle and transport, convenient secondary processing, good fire resistance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and other properties;

  • Autoclaved lightweight concrete panel

    Autoclaved lightweight concrete panel

    Hummingbird autoclaved aerated concrete panel (ALC panel) is a kind of rust-proof three-dimensional steel mesh frame built on Hummingbird's advanced production process technology with built-in patented technology, which is made of quartz sand, lime, cement and gas-generating materials. It is formed by high temperature, high pressure and steam curing. Porous lightweight board is a new type of green building wall innovation material.

    Product features:

    The product has the characteristics of convenient installation, wide application range, high construction accuracy, etc., and can greatly improve the use efficiency of the building.

    • 1

      Steel frame for panels

    • 2

      Antirust agent process

    • 3

      Making concrete materials

    • 4

      Insert the steel frame

    • 5

      Horizontal direction cutting

    • 6

      Vertical direction cutting

    • 7

      Steam processing

    • 8

      Dry processing

    • 9

      Finished product

    • 10


  • Lightweight with high strengt:With Absolute Dry Density of500/M3 which is one third of tradional block, one fourth ofconcrete, it effectively reduces the weiht of the construction
    Thermal insulaton: The product rodes good therma insulation, as well aseat preservation. When a suitable thickness of the product is applied. it canneal e the structure enclosure rction and harmal insu abon function at thesame time, which meets the
    Fire resistance:ALC product is a kind of non-combustblinorganic materal which is good at fre res stance. Product of100mm thick has FRL of 4 hours and is widely used as firewall
    Sound insulation: ALC product s a kind of lightweight material which has manyfine dosed pores which makes it good at sound insulaton For d feresurfaces and thickness panels the weghted transmission loss can achi40-560B which effectvely reduces the
    Impermeably:The impermeability of ALC product 5 mesbetter than traditonal brcks, proved by exper ments
    Freeze-mhaw durablity: Aer e freeze-thaw expeiment the quality lost sthan 1.5%(whie national standard is below 5) strength lost is less than 5%while naonal standard s below 20%)NASAI ALC is an inorganic silicproduct with non-agng durability, so e le
    Green and onvironment-fnendliness: ALC product isnonradioactive does not release any oc gas, so sregarded as an environmenhrendly green material whiccomplies with the state sustainable development policy
    Easy installation: ALC product manufacturng is highly industrialized andstandardized to make the insteasy and effcient The product can besawn. Cut. shaved and doled witn dry instawhich saves tme and labor
    Decorative design: According to customers'requirement panel with patiems on the surface stone effect paneeis, accordion panels can be manufactured with digital control cutting systemproviding vanous artstic facade effects
    Complete service: There are different application systems avalable for ALCproducts. Accessores panel installaton method details, construction training osite, after-sales service can all be provided. andsub-contract and general contract proects

    Design Calculation

    6 Disigners will serve your need

    24 hours will supply the project budget



    1 factory produce AAC /ALC panels

    1 factory supply steel structure

    1 factory make the house



    2 service team for overseas projects



    Engineering department has finished over 90 projects overseas.